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Why Greenpack Technologies?




Our products are made from recycled natural fiber sources, are biodegradable and safe for food contact applications.  In many cases our products can be recycled again.  When they are not recycled, they can be disposed of in composting and landfill facilities where they will biodegrade, unlike most single use oil-based plastics.  These products are integral in the circular economy. 

Our state-of-the-art equipment and processes are highly efficient with minimal waste generation and a smaller carbon footprint than other packaging manufacturing facilities.


We are committed to protecting and improving the environment and providing safe products to our customers. The global regulatory environment is changing, and some plastics and additives used in packaging today will not be permitted soon.  A group of fluorinated chemicals named per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) that have been used in commercial applications for decades to provide oil and grease, heat, water, and non-stick resistance to a vast array of products including packaging plastics, cookware and electrical components are being regulated and banned in food packaging by states across the country. The EPA and scientific community consider PFAS as “forever chemicals” since they persist forever in the environment, polluting our soil and water and eventually concentrating in our bodies. Our molded fiber products do not use PFAS and use only FDA approved food contact materials and processes.

Holding Plant
Packaging Factory

Consumers are informed regarding environmental and social issues and are searching for goods and services from sustainable companies that align with their values.  Our molded fiber products add value to our partners by showing their commitment to health and safety, reducing waste, and reducing their carbon footprint.  This message is resonating with consumers who are increasingly considering sustainability as a criteria for purchase decisions and patronizing certain retailers.  Retailers are enacting sustainable packaging requirements; molded fiber products can help meet these requirements.  Our optimized packaging product options can reduce the cost of shipping since they “Nest” very well. These products do not require postproduction assembly which can result in labor savings.


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Lexington, NC 27292

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